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  • LOLA 70 (Lola T70)

    It's one of Britain's new breed of American-engined Tigers! Another of history's most beautiful sports racing cars featured in a technical report found in Sports Car Graphic August 1965 written by John Blunsden in incredible detail and technical insight and recreated here. Eric Broadley founded Lola Racing Cars in 1961. He was involved with Ford in developing the GT40 and many other memorable race cars especially in the the Formula classes. Lola is still an ever present force in many racing series today.

  • Ford Fairlane Lola GT

    "Here's the full story on the most sensational Grand Touring car of 1963"! Is this the forerunner of the GT40? There are similar design cues and information on the Ford Fairlane Lola GT (later known as the Lola Mk6 GT) is hard to find - it seems to have slipped away into history - only to be found on the pages of out-of-print sports car magazines and the corners of the internet. Very technical article - well worth the read if you are a GT fan. 1963 was a turning point for road racing as cars shifted from front engines to mid-engines and there chassis also evolved to meet new challenges. This article is recreated from Sports Car Graphic, May 1963 by John Blunsden - photos: John Blunsden & Geoffrey Goddard

  • Ford GT 40

    Ford GT 40: If you're looking for the ultimate in status symbols, a personally-fitted Ford GT 40 for everyday use is it! This article is recreated from Sports Car Graphic May 1966 by John Blunsden who has written many books about cars and writes this article in a quirky satirical style.