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  • Rat Rods part 2 - Rat Fink

    Part of the Hot Rod and Rat Rod scene since inception Rat Fink still looms large!!!


    Trend-setting re-stylers are adding punch to their cars' appearance with varied patterns of air slots- and they're only scratching the surface............ This article is recreated from Rodding and Re-Styling August 1960. If you are at all interested in Hot Rod culture not only are the photos worth a look but the language used as well.

  • Rat Rods

    You have to love rat rods they are truly a unique American phenomena and have burst on to the car scene in a major way. They have been around for a long time but have only recently gained popularity as it seems everything belonging to outsider culture moves into the mainstream.

  • Rat Rods part 3 - the VW look

    A current off shoot of the rat rod and hot rod craze are Volks-Rods.