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    What a great magazine Sports Car Graphic was. The issues I have found and read abound with the greatest sports car coverage in the late 50's through the 60's into the 70's. The Shelby fan that I am I stumbled across yet another article to recreate this one on Pete Brock who was instrumental in the design of the Daytona Coupe. His genius also helped Superformance recreate the Daytona Coupe a few years back. He is an American legend visit his website

  • TRACK TEST: Ford GT 40

    From the pages of Sports Car Graphic October 1965 a recreated article of a Special Track Test of the first Ford GT 40's. My continued interest in these cars led me to this article where the street version is about to be offered for sale and is tested on the track. The test car they used was known as the "roadster". Other GT40 related articles can be found in my 9/29/08 post of Sports Car Graphic May 1966 the final version of the street car as well as a post from 10/11/09 Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman 2009 where the GT 40's where the featured car of the weekend of vintage motor racing.