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    FROM FRANCESCO BARACCA, TO DIRT ROADS, TO AUTODROMI, TO AUTOSTRADE - THE STORY OF THE PRANCING HORSE. Ferrari is for sure one of the worlds most recognizable brands and they deserve all the praise and accolades they receive for the incredible cars they design and build. So when I came across this article in Sports Car Graphic November 1968 I thought it would be worthy of recreation here and sharing with those of you who are also interested in sports car racing of the past - looking at the man who made his cars so famous and all of us yearning for one.

  • O.S.C.A. spells Maserati

    The Fratelli Maserati sold their name but kept their talent. Stepping back into the 50's this recreated article from Sports Cars Illustrated, February 1959 shows the sports car racing legend Maserati as they strode toward modernizing their race cars and stepping into the future of road racing through design and technical changes. The OSCA 1100 featured is the forerunner of many of the most well known Maserati sports racing cars of the 1960's both sculptural, nimbal, and very fast for it's 4 cylinder engine.