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    While recreating the prior post on Ferrari from the November 1968 Sports Car Graphic a subsequent article "How To Build A Ferrari Engine" was so interesting I could not pass up posting it for fellow freaks - the photos are alone worth a look. I also posted a couple of great shorts on Ferrari Factory tours that are very interesting.


    FROM FRANCESCO BARACCA, TO DIRT ROADS, TO AUTODROMI, TO AUTOSTRADE - THE STORY OF THE PRANCING HORSE. Ferrari is for sure one of the worlds most recognizable brands and they deserve all the praise and accolades they receive for the incredible cars they design and build. So when I came across this article in Sports Car Graphic November 1968 I thought it would be worthy of recreation here and sharing with those of you who are also interested in sports car racing of the past - looking at the man who made his cars so famous and all of us yearning for one.

  • ROAD TEST/21-62 SHELBY AC COBRA Road Test and Technical Report

    The follow up article to the May look at the prototype again John Christy highly praises on the pages of Sports Car Graphic August 1962 and gives us a road test and technical report on the production model of the Shelby AC Cobra. You have to LOVE the opening quote from the article "GO AHEAD, put your boot in it," said Carrol Shelby, your not going to hurt it that way!"


    In the beginning there was the Daytona Continental which evolved into a 24 hour race and today while Continental still sponsors a race the 24 hour race now belongs to Rolex. This article recreated from Sports Car Graphic May 1966 gives great background and insight into the begins and transformation of these races. Please read my earlier post on the creation of Daytona International Speedway if you are interested in the building of the racetrack "Daytona: Is It Too Hot To Handel?"