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  • ROAD TEST/21-62 SHELBY AC COBRA Road Test and Technical Report

    The follow up article to the May look at the prototype again John Christy highly praises on the pages of Sports Car Graphic August 1962 and gives us a road test and technical report on the production model of the Shelby AC Cobra. You have to LOVE the opening quote from the article "GO AHEAD, put your boot in it," said Carrol Shelby, your not going to hurt it that way!"

  • Carroll Shelby's 260 cubic inch AC Cobra

    Here it is the original article a "Driver's Report" from Sports Car Graphic May 1962 by John Christy recreated. Christy good friend and reputed drinking buddy of Shelby's got first shot on the reporting about his new prototype. In a prior post "Double Test: 427 Cobras for Street and Competition" SCG November 1965 Shelby lets Christy have first access to the new 427 version of the Cobra well worth reading for Cobra enthusiasts.


    If the Bahamas Speed Week proved anything it was that the team of Reventlow and Daigh was ready for bigger things. But where did all the pros go? More historic sports car racing led me to recreate this article from Rod Builder & Customizer May 1959 which featured Bahama Speed Week the cars, the personalities, and the controversies of the day.........and you have to check out the photos of the LeMans start - this was seat of our pants racing at it's best, the golden age of sports car racing and the transition from amateur to professional status and organizations.

  • Double Test: 427 Cobras for Street & Competition

    a recreated article originally published by Sports Car Graphic magazine November 1965

  • TRACK TEST: Ford GT 40

    From the pages of Sports Car Graphic October 1965 a recreated article of a Special Track Test of the first Ford GT 40's. My continued interest in these cars led me to this article where the street version is about to be offered for sale and is tested on the track. The test car they used was known as the "roadster". Other GT40 related articles can be found in my 9/29/08 post of Sports Car Graphic May 1966 the final version of the street car as well as a post from 10/11/09 Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman 2009 where the GT 40's where the featured car of the weekend of vintage motor racing.